Thursday, August 21, 2008


It's that time of year again, all the major media outlets are buzzing with fantasy news: who's in, who's out, who's injured, who's in prison, and who's going to have a breakout year. Watercoolers are boiling over with fantasy talk as people's wallets go thin from their keeper league buy-ins. All the major sports publications and outlets are giving their fantasy predictions to help out their loyal readers. These facts make it perplexing that ESPN decided to release their HOCKEY fantasy preview on August 21st seeing as how training camps are still almost a month away.
Here is the link, click at your own risk:

I understand the constant football updates because it is so widespread, but why this hockey preview so early? It seems as the World Wide Leader has completely lost interest in the League. My head almost exploded reading their top fifteen, that was until i read their goaltender rankings, when i vomited all over my office computer. The Asian IT guy was not pleased. Sparing you all the pain of me dissecting every terrible prognostication, I'm going to give you my favorite. That is the pick of Jose Theodore at #7 overall. OVERALL! Not just #7 goaltender, which is probably even a bit high, but 7 out of the entire league! I'm speechless. A few seasons ago, this guys was replaced by Peter Budaj, after he was ousted from Montreal. And suddenly ESPN thinks he's the 7th most valuable player in the league?

In closing I would like to send a memo out to ESPN:
Please stop using your interns to compile crappy lists that are written poorly just to generate discussion amongst the 15 hockey fans that still remain. Instead, when people click on your NHL page, forward the surfers to either or thus saving you money because you dont have to employ lackeys that know nothing about the sport to write your articles.


Anonymous said...

Well played. I'm glad you at least used my "interns" comment.

Keyanna said...

Great work.

Anonymous said...

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