Thursday, December 2, 2010

Forbes should avoid sports

So I realize sports is not Forbes' forte, but what is this? Any list that includes "Garth Snow" and "Best" should also include "at being a terrible GM" or "driving a franchise into the ground." Shockingly, this list considers Garth the 9th best at being a bang for your buck. Allow me to let that sink in. There are 30 GMs in the NHL, and Garth is ranked higher than 21 of them according to Forbes. Yeah, that doesn't make sense to me either. I can't argue with Dave Poile at #1 because the Preds are consistently competitive without having a large payroll, but how does Doug Wilson rank ahead of Ken Holland? Holland has 3 cups as a GM, one as an assistant GM, and the Wings are the hallmark franchise in the league. I'd say that is a good bang for my buck. Wilson? 0 cups, but 6 years of playoff disappointment... Ouch. I could nit pick every GM on this list, except Brian Burke, because he can do no wrong, but I will refrain from that diatribe. At least Don Waddell and his 1 playoff performance made the list. Dude had Heatley and Kovalchuk on his roster and couldn't build a team around them.


Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. GM,

You're just pissed because Garth Snow made the list and Glen Sather did not. God. Why is the blogosphere populated with Rangers Homers????

Game Misconduct said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,
Nowhere in that post did I mention the Rangers. I think Sather is a terrible GM and I'd be upset if he were on this list too.