Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Dallas Cowboys: Truly America's Team

If America were a bunch of quitters! Good thing we're not. According to ESPN's Matt Mosley, David Garrad called out the Cowboys for their dispassionate play.

They have a bajillion dollar stadium, talented players out the wazoo, and a respectable tradition to play for, and they get called out by David Garrard? Not exactly a pro-bowler accustomed to making headlines with his mouth and his play. David Garrard! What the hell is wrong with this team? Where's the pride? Where's the passion? Where is Herb Brooks when you need him? The Cowboys have won our first ever Richard Nixon Early Quitter Award sponsored by Philip Morris. (Philip Morris, please don't sue us.) My bet on our next recipient of this award being the New Jersey Devils, but none of you care about hockey, so it doesn't matter to you punks.

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