Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movember Madness – First Round, Yosemite Sam Bracket

#1 Lanny McDonald


#8 Bobby Valentine

Outlook: Hall of Famer whose 'stache dominated the NHL for two decades. But did it have more utility than Bobby V's?

#2 Dennis Eckersley


#7 Steve Prefontaine

Outlook: Eck's world-famous 'stache has taken him to the Hall and to the TBS Baseball Studio. It faces a tough competitor in Prefontaine's clearly aerodynamic look, which sent him to the 1972 Olympics.

#3 Mike Ditka


#6 Jeff Fisher

Outlook: The most tenured coach in the NFL presently takes on "The Coach" whose legacy and 'stache have won Superbowl, made movies, and a studio job on ESPN.

#4 Randy Johnson


#5 Don Mattingly

Outlook: The 'stache tells the story here. Mattingly's classic and consistent look was a metaphor for his on-field play. Johnson's look could often be entirely dominant, but not always what it used to be, he also killed a bird.

Remember to place your votes in the comments section! Let's get it on!


Anonymous said...

Ditka - only bc of kicking and screaming
Mattingly - just a classic look

- Netcrasher

Anonymous said...

- Lanny McDonald - The red/orange in that 'stache really brought out his team spirit. Oh, what a Flame...

- Jared Leto or Billy Crudup? Still a good movie. I'm going with Steve Prefontaine.

- Ditka. (Enough said.)

- Randy Johnson. If the guy can kill a bird with a fastball, imagine what he would do to me for voting against his glorious facial hair.

-- JD

Game Misconduct said...

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the wheels have come of the axle that is Movember Madness