Monday, November 22, 2010

Have fun with unemployment Howie Rose

I apologize to our Islander fan readers, but this team is so bad even the announcers don't want to watch anymore. In fact, Howie Rose would prefer watching the Mets... in spring training. Yes, those same Mets that have been ridiculed in Family Guy multiple times. Considering Chris Botta had his press credentials revoked for being too critical of the team, this does not bode well for Mr. Rose.


Anonymous said...

I will stop watching Islanders games if Howie is fired. Also, I heard Butch Goring laughing. Can we fire him for being guilty by association. Goring seems like a nice guy, but I can't take his CC or the way he pronounces players names.

The latest victim: Thrashers D-Man: BogoZZZZZian. BogoSSSHHHHIan. BAGHosian. BAGOZOZIAN.

- JD

Anonymous said...

Let's not forget that this sordid affair started with the Isles interceding in Billy Jaffe contract renewal in the beginning of this year.

Is this Russia, Danny? This isn't Russia!

- NetCrasher