Thursday, November 11, 2010

Movember Madness – First Round, Fu Manchu Bracket

#1 Keith Hernandez


#8 Adam Morrison

Outlook: Look for a 30 point beat down and Hernandez to pull his starters, the reigning AMI champion takes on the college hoops phenom's trash 'stache.

#2 Hulk Hogan


#7 Mark Spitz

Outlook: A tricky match-up in the first round for the Hulk-'stache. Spitz is among the most dominant Olympians in history and his 'stache is a lasting image of him swimming dominance. Few 'staches on this list have endured the limelight as long as Hulk Hogan. Can Spitz stand up to Thunder Lips?

#3 Goose Gossage


#6 Mike Gartner

Outlook: The Battle of Recent Hall of Famers. Gossage's 'stache has become an icon, while Gartner's no-frills image is no different from his playing style.

#4 George Parros


#5 David Babych

Outlook: A compelling 4-5 in which both 'staches are more notable than the scoring ability of each player.


JD said...

Keith Hernandez wins. His new girlfriend loses.

Game Misconduct said...

JD, I'm not sure you understand the whole "voting" thing

Game Misconduct said...

i vote for Hernadez, Thunder Lips, begrudgingly Gossage, and Dave Babych because he has more hair on his lip than the top of his head, but props to Parros for the Mullet + Stache combo.

JD said...

I gotcha...
The "W's" to go:
- Hernandez
- Gartner
- The Hulk
- Parros

Ross Kaplan said...


You could accuse me of giving the upset to Spitz out of Jewish solidarity, but you have to admire the guy who dominated a sport in which the less hair, was the better and said fuck it and dominated the 76 Olympics.

Anonymous said...


- NetCrasher

Game Misconduct said...

I enjoy Mr. Kaplan logic here, for once. It doesn't happen very often.