Thursday, April 24, 2008

Favre to escape Madden Curse or doom us all?

In his never ending quest to escape retirement, Brett Favre is expected to feature on the cover of EA Sports’ Madden 09. Will Brett be able to escape the Madden curse by the sheer fact that HE’S RETIRED?! Or will this begin a series of chain reactions that ultimately lead to the deaths of Peter King, John Madden (spontaneous combustion), thousands of Packers, and Mr. Wrangler himself? Or is this Favre’s clever way of announcing to the world that he has not filed his retirement papers and plans on returning to lead the Packers onto Lambeau for one last season (at least). Can Brett Favre not get over the fact that his final pass was to Corey Webster? Has Brett been having nightmares of getting beat by Peyton’s baby bro? Will this madness never end?


Da Bears.... are unfortunately not good said...

wow... look at all those links. Your little blog has really grown up, what's next? Maybe some pictures?

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