Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Whoever he is, I'm impressed

No, I did not purchase a life size replica of Stanley's cup, but Tom Poti might as well, seeing as how it's the closest thing he is going to come to touching the real thing.

In case you missed it, and I'm sure most of you have, Poti, he of the long poke check and fear of physical contact, ruined the NHL playoffs by taking a lame tripping penalty in overtime of Game 7 vs. the Philadelphia Flyers. Poti, trying to erase his history as an overpaid, un-physical defenseman cost the rest of the world a chance to see more of Unfrozen Caveman Hockey Player until next October. He was hated by Ranger fans, loved by Islander fans because Ranger fans hated him, and Capitals fans (if there are any left) didn't know any better than to cheer on this steaming pile of garbage. Now they know that Tom Poti is absolutely useless since Mike Green has emerged as a legit offensive defenseman and power play quarterback. Thanks a lot Tom, go eat a jar of peanut butter. Now we're subject to a series featuring Carey Roy Dryden Price Christ vs. whichever Flyers players aren't suspended.

In the other Game 7 from last night, Jeremy Roenick may be the leader the Sharks have been missing since Joe Thornton once again decided that becuase he doesn't get paid during the playoffs he might as well not play well. The Sharks won Game 7 and Mike Keenan alienated one of the best goaltenders in the league by pulling Kipper and replacing him with Curtis Joseph. I'm pretty sure that Cujo and JR receive the same AARP magazine my parents get every month. So the Flames lost and the Sharks escaped near disaster thanks to the overrated coaching that is Mike Keenan. So kudos to you Mike, no one has lived off of the 1994 season more than you, the teat may be getting a little dry.

Soon the Crasher and I will figure out how to link to other sites and post some videos, more from him later.


Ross Kaplan said...

Roslyn, I seriously hope that this blog won't be just about hockey, you lost me at Tom Poti. Knowing you, by just briefly perusing over this post I can tell that you were bitching about the Flyers and Islanders fans as you usually do so here's my response. You're just afraid that you're beloved Rangers are going to be dominated by a Sidney Crosby/Evengi Malkin led Penguins team, yes I do shockingly have some hockey knowledge, after all I did graduate from the same high school as Gary Bettman. Anyway my point is that the true potential of Evengi Malkin will be unleashed this playoff round. If Kevin Youkilis and Sandy Koufax is any proof, Jewish pro athletes step up big time during major holidays, mark my words.

And seriously, this word verification thing has to go. Last time I checked this isn't Communist China as much as you'd like it to be.

Anonymous said...

Kaplan I agree with you on all counts.

I also fear that the Rozman has seriously underestimated the rigors of running a blog with commenters firing shots from all over the northeast. It will be a test of his mental conditioning and will to survive, and if the Thursday nights of senior spring are any indication, he may not be up to that task. At least he still has you to carry him on his back.

Also, the Sidney Crosby gatorade commercial is awesome.

Long live Sid the Kid.

- Marek Malik

Anonymous said...

Also, if Paul Roslyn doesn't start posting on this blog, I'm going to lose motivation.