Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kyle Farnsworth Goes Big Buck Hunting

Pete Abraham, Yankee beat writer for the Lower Hudson's Journal News, writes a great blog. Check it out here if you have never read it. It is full of good writing, unique insights, and some candid player moments. He posted this hilarious moment earlier today…

Big Buck Hunter is a shooting game. Basically you take a pump-action shotgun and kill whatever woodland creatures come across the screen. These include deer, elk, rabbits, wolves, coyotes and raccoons. It’s very realistic.

Watching Kyle Farnsworth play this game is like watching the first 10 minutes of Saving Private Ryan. Everybody dies. After watching Farnsworth handle a gun, I may never jab him again on my blog. He missed his calling, he should be shooting for the U.S. Olympic Team. He never missed.

Farnsworth (who, on the record, is a very nice guy when you’re not asking him about pitching poorly) said he’s buying the game for his vacation home. It retails for $5,000.

I couldn’t help but think about other professional athletes and their favorite video/arcade games…

Sal Fasano (Catcher, Atlanta Braves)
Super Mario Brothers 3

It has been said that the premise of Mario 3 was based on one wild night Fasano had at the University of Evansville. Fasano declines to confirm whether raccoons, drain pipes, a princess, and giant fish were involved. The matching 'staches, of course, make this rather obvious.

R.W. McQuarters (Corner, New York Giants)
Spongebob Squarepants: Atlantis Square Pants

R.W. loves Spongebob...'nuff said

Marty McSorley (Defense, Boston Bruins)
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

This one is a no-brainer. Of course, McSorley would play with Casey Jones if he could.

LeBron James (Forward, Clevland Cavaliers)
Burger King's Sneak King

Ok, if you were living in a cave on Mars listening to Rick Astley's Greatest Hits during this eleven day hysteria, check this out to catch yourself up. Now how awesome would it be if King James was dressed up like The King and serving Whoppers and breakfast sandwhiches. Hello egg, hello meat, hello cheese...

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