Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Hopes for the Rangers-Devils Series

Rangers-Devils – a classic rivalry between a team that should have been worse than a four seed and a team that should have been better than a five seed. I, at first, hoped the Devils would sweep the Blue Shirts and humiliate them in a way that could take away the pain of dismal season for the New York Islanders. When this was out of the question, I was hoping for a 7 game series in which the Rangers lost in an unbelievably humiliating fashion. Something along the lines of…

It’s 3-3 game in the four overtime. Ranger's back-up goalie Stephen Valiquette has had an outstanding game filling in for disgraced Ranger goaltender Henrik Lundqvist was carried out of the Ranger dressing room (pads and all) in handcuffs. He was then promptly deported for being in the country illegally. New York Islanders Ice Girls line the exit to MSG making fun of him. One even spits on's that for irony. Anyway, back to the game. The Rangers have a 5 on 3 powerplay for 2 minutes after Arron Asham and Colin White beat the every-loving tar out of Sean Avery. They couldn't even give out fighting penalties because Avery didn't have a chance. A failed clearing attempt by Paul Martin gives Jaromir Jagr a breakaway on Martin Brodeur...this should do it...oh wait...Jagr trips! ("Spaz-way, he'll screw up" ) The puck innocently trickles to Brodeur who throws it up the boards. The puck deflects off the glass...hits Scott Gomez where the sun don't shine...then off the back of Sean Avery's head (who is standing in front of Brodeur doing his stupid little screen the goalie dance)...and past a diving Valiquette.

...Well I guess it's up to the Penguins.

Am I bitter? Ok maybe a little. It certainly was a very exciting series, and hockey fans can only hope we will see more of this as the playoffs go on.


Game Misconduct said...

I would be bitter too if my team traded for ALexei Yashin who promptly led them to several season of first round exits

Net Crasher said...

Alexi Yashin led us to nothing! He just happened to have been on the team.