Monday, May 12, 2008

American Gladiators or American 'Roided up Killing Machines?

We all know about how on the original American Gladiators, the Gladiators openly used to admitting steroid abuse. Barry Bonds could learn a thing or two from them about honesty, but the 2007 reincarnation of the show made no such claims. In the first season, Monica Carlson (above), a 32 year-old mother set AG records and was embraced by all for her “can-do” attitude and the fact that she was a non-roided out freak of nature. She was hot and cute and a former Trailblazer dancer (anyone willing to work for that franchise deserves some level of respect). Here’s her bio from the first season:

“Monica Carlson is a 32-year-old mother of 8-year-old twins and a former Portland Trailblazer dancer. Growing up "American Gladiators" was her favorite show. Her husband is a football coach and athletics plays a large part in the family. One of 11 kids growing up, Monica is in great shape and loves competition. She currently lives in Milwaukie, Oregon.”
Well Monica went on to win and was promoted to be a Gladiator in the show’s second season. Here is her current photo gallery. Is that really the same person? I can understand working out strenuously for 8 months can really help, but I’m scared that she would tear my head off now. It’s like that Family Guy episode where Lois learns karate, kicks Peter’s ass in the bedroom, and at some point Stewie hits Peter in the head with a baseball bat. I imagine her home is a lot like that.

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Anonymous said...


This is the kind of investigative reporting that we need during our chaotic times.

I don't know of anyone else who would have the courage and character to break this story.

Get the House of Reps on the line- I want an investigation and congressional hearings.