Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If they can do it, so can Bobby the Bear

In case you haven’t seen it, this is the greatest thing to hit youtube since… well ever. In honor of Bobby the Bear, here is a list of players less productive than Bobby the Bear. I'm fairly sure the Leafs are cooking up his contract at this every moment...

10. Rich Pilon- Rich Pilon played for both the Islanders and the Rangers and stunk up the ice wherever he went. Brett Hull once said the many of the players in the NHL couldn’t pass, shoot, or skate well at all. Rich Pilon was one of those guys.

9. Ray “Razor” Emery- A Stanley Cup finalist last year, this year Emery (I refuse to call him Razor and sully the good name of Kyle Farnsworth) was suspended more by his own team than Chris Simon was by the league. Which leads me to

8. Chris Simon- This guy’s best games are played in his head when he’s either drunk or imbibed too much peyote. This year alone he was suspended, returned to the team, left the team because of anger management issues, returned again, and was traded to Minnesota. How he was lucky enough to get a chance to play in the playoffs in Minnesota is anyone’s guess. I’m thinking he prayed to some sort of totem pole that resembles Mike Milbury and Ted Nolan. Now he’s signed to play in Russia in what is truly becoming a league to rival the NHL, HA!

7. Mike Milbury- As a player he attacked a fan in the stands and beat him with his own shoe, as a GM he traded Roberto Loungo and Olli Jokinen for Oleg Kvasha and Mark Parrish, and that may not have been his worst deal.

6. Oleg Kvasha- This guy was tall, ugly, and had a giant nose. Not to mention he was Russian. He was so bad you couldn’t even consider him a Russian enigma because he didn’t have the talent to be wasted.

Rest of the list to follow...

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