Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sports Century


Check out this incredible montage that ESPN put together at the end of 1999. I just came across it myself and have already watched it twice. It does a pretty good job getting everything in there. It's got everything from Babe Ruth to John Elway to the 1983 Islanders to Tiger Woods.

The 2099 video just got a new addition last night. You gotta tip your hat to Jon Lester. Imagine being diagnosed with cancer at 22 and throwing a no hitter in the major leagues less than two years later. (No really, stop and think about that.) Way to go, Lester.

Did the 1999 video miss an important moment? What else will make the 2099 video? Post a comment or drop me an e-mail at netcrasher6@gmail.com!

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